Good for you for taking the initiative to find out who is treating you. The more informed you are, the more in charge of your health you are; & I strongly advocate the same for everyone you entrust with your healthcare


Your Practitioner: Elly Grace Numia

For those who are returning, & are not sure if they have the same person, yes I have changed my name through marriage & divorce - life experiences and lessons. 

I was thankfully raised with the freedom to explore belief, faith or spirituality; I not only embraced that freedom, but thrived in it! 

By 4 years old I was asking my bewildered parents the 'but why are we here?’ questions.

By 14 years old, after being fascinated with health & wellness & self help books, I changed my parents diet to one of more whole foods.                                           Even at that early age I was aware of what could be better with my own health. 

Not yet knowing the name of my calling, after schooling, I worked in various jobs that in hindsight helped ground me for the work I love now. The most important, being my enrolled Nursing career - in both Psychiatric, elderly, rehabilitation & temping nursing; 20 years of nursing taught me how to think on the spot, put myself in another's shoes & quickly create care plans for individuals.

Learning naturopathy just added more commonsense to my health beliefs & allowed me to immerse myself in a holistic way of living & thinking I had partially suppressed for so long. 

I was always the busy person - busy working, busy studying - 13 years of study so far, & I love/d helping people. My busyness learning and helping others led to self avoidance and I learnt first hand how 'out of ease' my body and life had become.                    I thankfully was governed to self heal through those challenges.

Today I lead a more balanced life; in touch with my holistic self and my spiritual helpers every day. I trust, feel and believe that I have all the skills I need to help not only myself, but anyone who I come into contact with. 

I have been drawn & blessed to be the healer for other healers. To support and encourage other healers to also be the best they can be; to learn to develop and heal themselves too, so that they may give from a source of overflowing love and light, while guided and skilled in all they do. 

My path is heading more and more in that direction, that of the teacher, and I am humbled and blessed by the support, love and respect that I am constantly shown.

I've had the fortune to enjoy and learn many healing modalities & experiences; too many to list them all, but here a few that have had a big impact on my life's education so far:

  • Residential care of the elderly certificate

  • Registered Senior Enrolled Nursing Certificate

  • Psychiatric Day stay education & 2 years working in the field

  • Therapeutic touch massage course through Holistic nurses at Middlemore Hospital.

  • Neurolinguistic programming certificate

  • Communication & management for the nurse certificate.

  • Nursing people in pain or grief

  • Spiritual healing and mentoring

  • Marriage, Divorce, blended family

  • Martial arts- ZEN do Kai, Tai chi & Qi Gong

  • Occupational health & safety officer for a private Hospital

  • Naturopathic diploma - natural medicines, nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork, cranial sacral therapy.

  • Touch for health therapy

  • Medical herbalist

  • Bachelor of Health Science in complementary medicine

  • 2 yearly first Aid & CPR updates

  • Being self employed since 1996

  • Reiki practitioner

  • Cranial Sacral therapist

  • Psychology of the chakras certificate

  • Rongoa Maori- (Native herbal medicine) levels 1-3 certification

  • Vibrational medicine - homeopathy & chakras

  • Network fitness leader & personal trainer

  • Working in healthfood stores around Auckland

  • ICPKP Kinesiologist

  • Student of Orthobionomy

  • National certification in Adult education & training

  • NIS - 'Neurological Integration System' (By Dr Phillips of Neurolink)

"Women need real moments of solitude and self reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away." Barbera De Angelis