Meditation and Spiritual Development

TRANSFORMATION Beckons all of us white lighters this year. Come and join the vibe! Meditation, divination and spiritual development of you and your gifts

Contact us at 0272327960 via text or email Numia Healthcare to confirm your place with Elly Grace Numia.

When: 7pm - 8.30pm on Monday nights from 15th February
Where: Birkenhead
Cost: $15 per class
Love and blessings, Elly



Naam Yoga is getting beautifully populated and it's great to see people's spiritual gifts growing as they master their own inner leave practice. Classes continue at 9.15 am Mondays and 6.30 pm Wednesday's. Both classes are 1.5 hours and the cost is $18 casual or $150 for block of ten sessions. Is it time for you yet to blossom into your full potential. If so come along!! No age or body limits 💗 ðŸ’•

NB. As the year blossoms into summer we do close Naam Yoga classes. Last class will be Wednesday 16th December 6.30 pm and will be an early summer solstice ritual as well. Will reopen Naam Yoga classes on Feb Wednesday 11th 2016 at 6.30pm.

Belly edge

Meanwhile... I'm choosing to get back into belly dancing next year. And I know no better way to hone my skills than to teach it! So for those of you staying in Auckland over the holidays that are keen to jingle & flick those hips, to workout and stay / get toned over the Xmas/new year period. Come n join me for some belly dancing fun. BELLYEDGE class. Just bring your usual workout clothes and a water bottle. Shoes optional. You never know you might even want to take it further too... ðŸ˜œ

This week BELLYEDGE course dates are:- 23 December 6th Jan, 13th, 20th, 27th and 3rd Feb. they will be held at 7 pm for 1.15 hours at Ballarat Church hall in Ellerslie. Course fee $84.00 Book your place by texting 0272327960.

Meditation and spiritual development. 

I keep getting asked for classes on the same - so here you go. Starting February 16th 2016. Every Monday. Block courses and casual rates available. Please confirm your place by texting 0272327960. Excited to teach again!!! ðŸ’— ðŸ’•

Numia Healthcare Clinic hours over summer. 

I have been blessed to be away a lot this year on study holidays. So this year I’ve decided to stay in Auckland these holidays, and work the afternoons only through summer except for the stats'. That means I will be available to you for consultations and body work right through the Christmas period - whether you're visiting Auckland or being friends here; or if you are staying in Auckland now's you opportunity to get a consult or some pampering with me. 

Further to this I am offering 10% discount on all bodywork booked between the 24 December and 10 January 2016. Now is the time to pamper you while you have time off. 

Bodywork pampering includes:- Massage, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, orthobionomy, reiki, reflexology all available on the 10% discount. 

Other pampering - (not discounted)

Readings- Tarot, psychometry, medical intuition and Shamamic healing for humans or animals. As well as the equally healing consultations of NIS ( Neurolink) Naturopathy and kinesiology are also available.

Josephine my right hand girl has been an amazing addition to Numia healthcare this year. She has been a God Send to me! Not only has she been attending to all of your email and text needs for me, but she has also been working very hard behind the scenes of Numia Healthcare. She has created a new easy to use website for us - check it out at:-

She's also fired our email server - of which we've now discovered had years of mail not reaching people or not being received by us! So a thousand apologies if you were one of those that felt neglected. It wasn't our intention! 

Please check your email address to me. It's only going to be now. Numiahealthcare@icloud and have been deleted.

Josephine is also diligently dividing up my personal life from my business life, so from now on, you will see more posts on Facebook from Numia Healthcare, while Elly Grace Numia will remain for my personal enjoyment and connection. You are most welcome to share in both my worlds.

Past, present, future. The energy has been very intense for the more gifted of the population - lots of love and healing light has been shining down on mother Earth - especially since the last eclipse two moons ago - encouraging many of us to open our hearts and develop ourselves further. If you have you been feeling out of sorts - its basically because part of you is awakening. Additionally if you're a sensitive like myself its also because you are feeling the energy of everybody else getting opened up and growing along side us. It is a good thing ...It can be a bit challenging. 

Get lots of sleep and time in nature to ease the transitions and practice taming any negative thoughts with your own conscious come back of 'cancel cancel clear clear', to that thought. Then instantly replace it with positive or constructive thoughts. We are all evolution in progress. The more we pay attention to the smaller voice in our heart and soul the more we stay in control of our mind and brain.

Lastly wishing you all an early and fabulous Christmas and new year holiday!!! Go easy on the alcoholic beverages and remember to get into the healthful green juices and coconut smoothies to counteract alcohols toxins if you do 😇 

Love and blessings, Elly 💗💕