Healthcare consultations are a way for you to communicate all of your health needs to your practitioner. 

Consultations also give Elly the opportunity to understand you as a whole being, so that she can treat you as such.

Naturopathically we look at the causes of ill health and aim to remedy the problem preventively, from the cause, rather than only look at a label or what your symptoms are presenting and give you a 'plaster to hide them'.

What may happen during your consultation with Elly:

  • Consultations are vital to assess your health condition. I recommend you allow 1 hour for an initial consult, in which we go through your medical, emotional & physical history & issues & make choices consciously or with kinesiology as to what you need to be well & happy.
  • Iridology (study of your Iris and sclera) & tongue diagnosis reflect your health.
  • Kinesiology - Muscle testing will be used in conjunction with your medical history information, to help us ascertain what you might not even be aware is happening within your body and if needbe the priority of treatment needed.
  • Intuitive support- guidance from our helpers
  • Palpation - of affected physical areas during bodywork sessions or as part of an assessment.
  • Educational advice from an abundance of natural health therapies may be used to ascertain your needs.

Please feel free to bring along: 

  • A support person
  • If you have dietary concerns, please bring along a list of everything you eat & drink for 4-7 days prior to your consultation.
  • Any medication or supplements you are taking, so we can check them with kinesiology, regarding suitability to your body's needs. Likewise if you have skin irritation or allergy concerns, please bring along your cosmetics and makeup products used to check with kinesiology.
  • Regarding prescriptions, professional advice on using natural supplements and medicine to benefit your individual constitution and health condition will be given.
  • If you / your body need to remain on particular orthodox medication, natural medicines may/not be used, to support that medication's use in the body and deal with any medication side effects.
  • Numia Healthcare stocks a range of herbal medicines that can be individually tailored to meet your needs. Practitioner products can be ordered in specifically for you. Otherwise supplements can be purchased at your local health food store.

Please be aware that follow up consultations may be needed