New Church Hall

5 Ballarat Street, Ellerslie, Auckland, NZ

To fast track your spiritual and personal growth, to facilitate your self healing, to have lots of fun, all at the same time, come and join the hundreds of people in New Zealand who adore naam yoga.

Auckland Studio address: 5 Ballarat Street, Ellerslie, Auckland (new church hall)
Class times: 9.15 am on Mondays and 6.15pm on Wednesdays
Bring along a water bottle, yoga mat, pillow or bolster and a blanket. 

NB. I have now handed on the teaching baton to our wonderful Emily Spence a superb teacher for these above classes teaching these classes.
Class fee $18 per class or $150 for ten classes over 6 months.


I am Only available for one to one naam yoga consultations, ie. to find a meditation or Naam yoga practice that suits your individual needs. 

Naam Yoga is one of the most powerful healing modalities I have ever come across to date.

Naam Yoga Therapy helped me reverse my own bowel cancer, which propelled me to want to learn more of this incredible art, in order to help others. I'm so excited that I now have these profound skills to help more people heal; individually teaching Naam yoga to people as needed in clinic consultations, and now in classes. 

My passion and focus with Naam Yoga is the same as with Numia Healthcare, it's to help empower people to heal themselves with a personal toolbox of healing arts. Whether it be for personal growth, improving breathing or relaxation, or for more serious illnesses, naam yoga is a powerful allie for anyone wanting to get well or stay well.

Naam yoga,  is for everyone; any size and shape or walk of life.

In classes I prefer that the children are over 8 years old & able to sit & meditate.  It is so simple to learn and yet has accumulative benefits. Whatever you need, Naam yoga helps you work with your inner-self, to create & direct that inner stillness you need to connect with the divine wisdom, to help you make decisions, gain clarity, heal yourself on any level, improve yourself on a personal and spiritual level if you chose.

Naam helps everyone be well, happy, content, prosperous, successful; find love and harmony or whatever your intent, it makes it all possible. Naam opens up your heart to the spiritual gifts that are innate in us all, the gifts of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing exactly what it is that we need to do, at any moment in time. Naam is the higher Octave of healing, gracing us with the presence of the luminous beings that also help us get in touch with our own inner selves. Naam reaches all parts of our being, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. It Is Amazing!!!!!!! I can't rave on enough about it!

It truly has to be experienced to feel and see the benefits in your own self. Naam yoga helps us take responsibility and gain awareness about our own selves and radiate that self out, to help not only ourselves, but others too. Therefore it is a must for the wanna-be or current healers and practitioners out there.

Naam Yoga is an eclectic healing form of yoga. It uses sound, words and the breath in a divine or spiritual way to create particular vibrations in the body. When combined with finger positions or mudras and the asana (yoga positions); these in turn connect in with our meridians, chakras and auric fields in order to direct the sacred healing energy within & around us to help us heal. The strengthening and aligning effect on the nervous, immune and endocrine systems is incredible! The results can be miraculous, as I've found first hand working with clients and my own health.

There are now 9 other beautiful Naam yoga teachers in NZ; and together we plan to help NZ and the southern hemisphere get to know more about the healing benefits and lifestyle benefits of having Naam Yoga in our lives. I will soon be added to the Naam NZ website; and this is the address to keep up to date with changes to Naam Yoga in NZ -

If you are seeking music for meditation, chanting or want to get more of that amazing sound you have been hearing in Naam Yoga classes you've been to, look and listen at At rootlight, you will find our gorgeous Dr Levry, who is the founder of Naam Yoga Therapy and Rootlight and Harmonym healing, has created an amazing selection of CD's, books and study programmes for us all to utilize.

I challenge you to try Naam Yoga too and see if you cannot fall in love with it!