What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a unique and holistic approach that looks at the individuals lifestyle, health patterns, current symptoms but also takes into account medical history. 

Naturopathic medicine nowadays is used in conjunction with orthodox drugs prescribed by medical practitioners and specialists OR used as an alternative choice to orthodox medicine. Naturopathic medicines's success over centuries of tradition, from its origins in Germany and from people of the land using native herbal medicines speaks for itself. However in this day and age, science likes to catch up and prove what intuition and experience already knows. Therefore, there are thousands of documented client cases and scientific testing documented to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of natural modalities, herbal medicine, homeopathy, body work and nutrition on both human bodies and for animal healing. 

Naturopaths are also trained thoroughly in pathology and disease diagnosis as well as pharmaceutical drug effects on the human organs. We are then taught how to minimise the side effects from medications, while helping both the medication, supplement and lifestyle of a person to have the best outcome for that person. 

What makes naturopathy different at Numia healthcare is Ellys medical intuition, supported with kinesiology testing, along with more than 30years clinical experience in both orthodox and natural modalities. 

Naturopathic medicines, just like orthodox medicine is as good as its practitioner. The more qualified and experienced a practitioner, coupled with there enthusiasm and love for people is what makes a great practitioner that can really help change your health for the better.