Shamanic Healing

Rainbow and clouds

Shamanic healing is a beautiful opportunity to clear the unseen & unheard from your being so that you may easily move forward towards your goals. The origin of shamanic healing is centuries old with all tribal nations doing some form of spiritual healing for their people and animals. 

You will be pleased to know that it has evolved as per mankind, to be a more angelic experience with each Shaman bringing through their own unique style of healing. I personally work with sound, crystals, the elements and Spirit to help guide me with parts of yourself to renew, clear, and vibrate to a different more vibrant tune. It has to be felt & experienced to feel the benefit of a shamanic healing.

The length of a shamanic healing varies. I allow two hours for every Shamanic healing as everyones needs are different depending on what is being worked on. Some of this allocated time is my physical and energetic rearrangement of the clinic such as preparation and closing of the space before and after you leave. 

Subsequent Shamanic Healing’s are set up in the same manner with me. As an alternative to a Shamanic Healing, I have my customary Naturopathic and Kinesiology consults available. Please click here for prices and information.