I met Elly in a Tai Chi class nearly seven years ago, and went to her for sports massage, as I had engaged a personal trainer to lose a lot of weight in time for my 40th birthday, and I needed to have regular massage to get the lactic acid moving, and to iron out the knotted muscles I had each week. Elly worked wonders and helped speed up my recovery time inbetween sessions, improving the final results dramatically. 

I have been self-employed for 27 years and during that time my role has dramatically increased to the point where the stress and responsibility levels are extremely high. This has taken a huge toll on my physical and mental well being, but if it wasn't for Elly I literally wouldn't be alive today! Three years ago I had a cancerous spot on a prominent part of my face which a plastic surgeon said would have to be cut out and a portion of the skin from my neck would need to be grafted onto my face - scarring me for life! I saught help from Elly by way of herbal remedies, and the cancerous spot completely disappeared and I've had no problem and no trace of it since. 

Elly is very gifted in seeing beyond the "surface" of the physical problem though, and dealing with the "root cause" which is so often caused by emotional events and responsibilities or personal attitudes and choices. In November 2008 I was diagnosed with endometrical cancer, however because I had had regular smears, had consulted with Elly regarding my huge history of irregular and heavy periods, resulting in a pre-disposition for this type of cancer, my periods became tolerable and manageable through herbs from Elly, and in fact slowed down the cancer from spreading into the uterus wall and into the lymph nodes. 

Because Elly has also had a medical background as a nurse, it was very reassuring to know that she could use her wisdom, knowledge and experience from both the medical sector and the "alternative" medicine/practice sector. She worked closely with my GP and to cut a long story short - I would not be here today if I hadn't listened to Elly "to get further tests and to change my lifestyle before it was too late". It makes perfect sense when you realise that we didn't have hospitals and drugs centuries ago - they just used what was growing around them - natural herbs and minerals. Elly has a wealth of knowledge in this field and I would thoroughly recommend her for any problem you may be facing. Sometimes we are so busy in the forest, we don't see the wood from the trees!! Get an outside perspective from an expert - call Elly today - you won't regret it! - Carol

I think Elly helps people a lot not only in the more physical ways such as with kinesiology & Naturopathy - with the medicines she makes up, but she also helps people find themselves; well you have helped me do this anyway. I have learnt a lot from you.

Elly is very gifted at accessing people and their energies, and use this to assist people as they are "asking" to be assisted. I'm sure at times you are presented with a person that asks for one thing but at that same time their body or spirit is telling you they aren't ready for that yet, so you respect the natural balance and only provide the information that would be appropriate to help the person, but without giving too much away.

Thank you for all your help to date! - Jon

You have helped me with my depression. Having been on medication since 3 months pregnant with my daughter I can now take a much lower dose and my body prefers the 5htp to Diothipen. I am more in tune with my body now and can help my family listen to their bodies which I could not do before. 

I always hand your card out to people who are at their wits end with their GP and they want a solution as I believe kinesiology has made a real difference to my family. Thank you, Jacqui


1. Firstly, to me you are a Naturopath with a very wide knowledge of, and passion for, natural healing. What I like about you is that you diagnose by muscle testing for everything, i.e. the health of individual organs, glands and hormones, as well as food allergies etc. Your results have tallied almost exactly with other tests I have had by both orthodox and unorthodox practitioners.

2. Secondly, with your background experience as a nurse and your natural compassion and intuition, you tackle my health problems from many angles - physical, mental and emotional. You treat the whole patient. You are multi talented.

3. Thirdly, your dedication to healing me is extraordinary, despite my complicated case of long term bowel pain with many different causes. After 8 months of treating me, you are still persevering and determined to try every avenue to heal me. You are an amazing woman and I feel very lucky and privileged to have been recommended to you.

4. You are not averse to your patients using orthodox drugs etc. in tandem with your natural healing. Your understanding and tolerance of all healing methods is to be commended.


1. Once I had removed all the food allergies (grains, dairy, eggs etc.) from my diet, the diarrhoea that I used to have stopped. This was a major factor in my improved health.

2. Supplements added really helped my nervous system & greatly improved my general health.

3. Muscle testing to see if my G.P.'s prescriptions are helping me helped put my mind at rest, which has been invaluable to me. At last I feel I am nearing my goal of a pain-free body. I am so grateful to you. You are an angel in disguise! I would highly recommend you to anyone with a health problem. Beatrice

I think you are a Healer who helps people to get more out of life by showing them how to understand their body & what they can do for themselves to enjoy life more , Also the Massages must be a great help in helping people to relax . For myself :You have helped me in my Diet & also in how to help me in my posture in keeping my body strong . I must add that your happy nature is a Tonic in it self & must benefit most people. Betty

I first went to see Elly in September last year suffering from ongoing kidney stones that the hospital could only monitor as I passed them. By September the amount of stones had reached 14 with most of them over 1.5cm. I have never had children but was assured that passing these stones was a kin to childbirth. As if this wasn't enough, as the hospital was monitoring the stones, they discovered an ovarian growth, as I approached my ovarian surgery my biggest fear was that I would pass a stone and I believe this would have killed me.

I followed Elly's advice to the letter and within 6 weeks of following her advise I had another scan only to discover that the stones had reduced in size by approx 50%. The doctor at Greenlane hospital came and asked me what I was doing to achieve such a result and when I told him he advised me to continue with my treatments with Elly.

To date I have had no more problems with stones and I sailed through my surgery in a way I have never managed before.

I continue to see Elly approx every 3 months just to stay on top of everything. Anne

I was introduced to Elly via a colleague about nine years ago. At that time I was suffering from various ailments and felt in need of a major overhaul! What I found in Elly was a complete package. Someone trained in orthodox medicine therefore able to understand previous treatments and medications, and also very highly trained in so many aspects of natural medicine: Whether you are after just a wonderful relaxing massage or a full series of naturopathic treatments to bring you back to your best, I am confident you will find it at Numia healthcare.

For me, the best part of Elly’s repertoire has been and continues to be the use of kinesiology. I feel it is such a powerful tool in diagnosing and treating issues and I have found it personally empowering for my healing. To top it all off, Elly is so intuitive and so real - an extremely kind, generous, approachable person who made me feel immediately at ease and is a wonderful aid and support to healing. Catherine

Elly has helped me traverse the journey to better health, through identifying food intolerances, removing stumbling blocks to achieving goals and literally 'straightening me out'. I can now recognise the signs when I have eaten something I shouldn't, know why and avoid it next time. I am also well on my way to the top of some of my personal mountains. Everything in my life makes more sense today! Kirsten

My family and I have been clients of Numia Healthcare operated by Elly for over 10 years. Over this time I have experienced great benefits in my own and our family’s health in times of need. I have chosen Elly as our main healthcare provider because she has a wealth of knowledge, is open minded, professional, caring and has a genuine enthusiasm in helping her clients back to a state of wellness. Numia healthcare offers an excellent range of healing therapies & something that really appeals to me is the way each visit is especially tailored to the individual and their needs.

Elly allows and encourages you to be involved in your healing, taking you through the process at your own pace. If you have any healthcare concerns, or a just wanting to experience wellness and balance I highly recommend a consultation with Elly. Helen

My name is Carol, I have known Elly from Numia for over 20 years and have experienced first hand her work and healing on other people, as well as myself. As I can only testify for myself, I would like to say that Elly has assisted me over the years with a number of different treatments from cranial, deep tissue massage, reiki and good old laughter and many more to ensure my body has stayed relaxed and my muscles have some relief from OOS (RSI) and sports injurys. 

I can and do highly Recommend her to anyone looking for a good Naturopath. You can only go right heading in her direction. She not only comes highly skilled but is very professional and caring of your needs.